Feeder Automation

QEI is the oldest and most experienced U. S. based supplier of SCADA systems for Electric, Transit and Water / Wastewater utilities. QEI has developed SCADA equipment over four decades, with each generation built on experience gained from the previous. QEI's products are designed to satisfy the needs of the utility industries with rugged, programmable, off-the-shelf assemblies.  QEI systems are designed with standard hardware and software modules, and are assembled and customized to form integrated systems that meet the specific operational needs of each customer.  QEI is a full service company, with the engineering, manufacturing, training, and service personnel to support each customer's SCADA requirements from inception to completion and we are small enough to have a keen interest in each customer's satisfaction.  Our ISO 9001 certification covers QEI  software and hardware development, project management, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and support services.  You can build your SCADA information and control infrastructure with confidence using QEI.

Power Line Feed Automation System

QEI's Capacitor Controllers provide programmable control of switched power line capacitor banks.


Power Line Carrier Devices

QEI's Power Line Carrier (PLC) systems communicate over the power lines to monitor & control downline devices beyond the Substation fence.  The Power Line Carrier Modem transmits the data back and forth.


Distribution Line Automation Devices

QEI's DRT series of Distribution Line Automation devices and software provide secure controls and monitor distribution feeder fault currents and 3-phase AC voltage, current and power values (KW, KVAR, VA, PF)


Sentinel-21 Software

Sentinel-21 Software

     Windows Configuration Software Auto-Import Master Database
     SEL Relay FastMeter/ASCII w/Auto-Client
     Remote Access to IED's
     Server & Client Communication

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