QBI Interface Module

The QBI Interface Module is an enhancement to upgrade QEI's 6CPP2, 6CPP4, and 6CPP6 based RTU's to use the latest QEI ePAQ technology while maintaining existing equipment investment.
The MicroPAQ is the latest in QEI’s ePAQ Family of Gateways.  The MicroPAQ is used in a wide variety of applications for the electric, water, wastewater, and gas industries.
The QMT is QEI's Transformer Monitor that provides monitoring and alarming to help protect your valued transformer investment.
QEI's data capture and analysis software.   Fault capture and data analysis (transcients, harmonics, etc.) provided on high resolution real-time displays.  Store oscillography and status data related to transient power system disturbances to Comtrade data files.