SCADA Applications

QEI SCADA system comprise multiple applications from Basic SCADA applications to Advanced enhancements.  Because every utility is different in their environment and needs, QEI provides these to allow you to build as you go.
Whether you are starting small and building toward your future, or you have immediate needs for Advanced robust applications, QEI also has the knowledge and skills to help you get there.
Alarm Processing
Provides timely and secure detection, processing and annunciation of alarms.  Status changes, analog high & low limit levels, station alarms, control alarms, and various system and component failures.
Master to Gateway Communications
Ethernet LAN based communication server to process communication over a wide range of serial, LAN, and WAN based communication links to remote field locations
Communications w/IEDs
Access IED operational and non-operational data through a single communication link to the substation, incorporating the data into the central SCADA database.
Disturbance Data Collection
Collect disturbance events both before (Pre-Event) and after (Post-Event) the event occurs, for analysis and reporting.
Historical Data Collection
A comprehensive historical data collection facility, which allows the user to store, edit, display, and archive the data collected by the system.
Calc & Control Sequences
Get the most out of your QEI SCADA system with customization for calculations, open-loop control, closed-loop control.  Employ Templates to define input and output parameters for simple or complex monitoring and control.
Mobile Alarms (Alarm Emailer)
Receive immediate alarm notifications on your mobile device using e-Alarms for faster response to system events.
SCADA Data Sharing (ODA)
Do you need to provide SCADA data to engineers, managers, other departments, and outside agencies?  Do so easily with QEI's Open Data Access.  Provide SCADA information to populate Websites and providing data for reports.
Web Reports
Web Reports are a collection of SCADA reports that are accessible from a standard web browser.   Reports include System Overview, Analog, Status & Text, Alarms, Events, History, Operator and others.
WorldView IED Template Library
WorldView supports IED templates.  Using the IED Wizard, points can be linked and defined many of the popular IED’s in use today.
Security Features
Security is built into the system at many levels including the communications protocols, operator interface software, select-checkback control operations, alarm processing, and event printing software facilities.
Event Data Recorder
Capture Critical System Events for later review and analysis.
Disturbance Recording
Define disturbance events events that will trigger automatic collection of data before and after the event occur, for review and analysis.
System Connectivity Status
The SCS system determines the connectivity of power system equipment on the power network using the network topology and status of breakers and switches, showing the status of equipment and line sections.
Load Management / Load Shedding
Automate power factor control, load shedding, and voltage reduction to defer power consumption from peak to non-peak usage periods.
Demand Response
Manually or automatically respond to changes in demand on your system.
Load Forecasting (ST, LT)
QEI SCADA Systems provide 24-hour and 7-day forecasts useful for triggering load management strategies.  Individual forecasts for 32 different load areas with independent forecasting parameters for each load area.
Voltage Reduction
Manually or automatically reduce voltage on feeders, at substations, or the overall system according to your defined strategies.
Volt-VAR Optimization
Lower system demand, reduce voltage, control system VARs, and reduce energy consumption for Conservation Voltage Reduction.  Perform at a substation or individual feeder level, or on an overall system level while maintaining end-of-line thresholds.
Switch Orders & Guarantees
Define, issue, and surrender condition guarantees and Switch Orders complete with tags.
Provide your SCADA information to your power provider, or receive SCADA information from your power provider.
Multispeak – Integration tools
Integrate your QEI SCADA system with other software applications to enhance operational efficiencies, decrease response time, aid in service restoration, and decrease customer outage time.
Operator Training Simulator
Train operators on your specific SCADA system.  Simulate events, capture and playback results, and write scripts for customized simulations.  No additional hardware required.
WorldView Anywhere
Now all WorldView displays, maps, graphs, alarm windows, and editors are securely available through a standard Web browser.
OPC Client/Server
Communicate  between any manufacturers field equipment and your QEI SCADA system using the QEI OPC Client/Server, built on the OPC Foundation standards.
NERC-CIP Security (NERC Rider)
QEI's NERC-CIP Rider provides additional security to enhance your SCADA security needs.
Additional QEI SCADA Software modules are available.
See the pages below or Contact QEI for additional information.