QTM: Transformer Monitoring

QTM is QEI's Transformer Monitor that provides a real-time, continuous picture of your substation power transformer's condition.  It can use your existing sensors to monitor various parameters of your transformer, providing you information locally, to your control center via SCADA, or to your mobile device.

What QTM Can Do

• Provide local displays for easy understanding and interpretation of what is happening to the transformer
• Support third-party sensing devices such as temperature sensors, gas monitors, and other common transducers
• Be retrofitted to existing transformers to address the needs of aging equipment
• Provide 24/7 review of critical values to forestall early failures
• Deliver alarms and notifications directly to mobile devices
Transformer Monitor
Transformer Monitor

Protect Your Investment by Monitoring

• Oil Temperature
• Cooling Fan on/off Status
• Bushing Status
• Ambient Temperature
• Load Current
• Partial Discharges
• LTC Values (if available)
• Other Important Parameters
Configuration with ConfigWiz 2.0 software
HMI powered by QVISION software