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6ACP6 Feeder Control

The 6ACP6 provides you with the platform for remote interrogation of IEDs or transducerless monitoring and control where there is no IED available. It is the ideal platform for implementing your distribution automation projects.

ePAQ Upgrades

Product Upgrades
(Security, Log Files, HMI, SD Card and more)

6QBI UpgradeĀ 

6CPP6 Upgrade to ePAQ-94XX NEW PRODUCT

6QBI Upgrade Applications

RTU File Creation
Demo Communication (I/O, IED)
Create / Demo ePAQ-94XX HMI


Substation HMI

Master Station

The latest in our Master Station software and applications

MicroPAQ-940P and I/O Upgrades

MicroPAQ-940P & IO Features, Applications

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