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CG Power is Back to Serve You!

CG Power & Industrial LLC was founded in 1937. As a global supplier of Transmission & Distribution High Voltage power apparatus in 42 countries, CG Power is returning to North America. Prior to leaving the market four years ago, CG Power had been working in North America for 25 years. Now stronger than before with a new Global Owner, CG Power and QEI are teaming together to once again offer the same high-quality, cost-competitive products.
With offices located in Springfield, NJ QEI will be offering the following products:
  • CT, CVT, PT (Instrument Transformers) up to 500 kV
  • A full line of 800 kV Transformers and Switchgear
  • 69 kV Dead Tank Breakers
  • Up to 34.5 kV &
    69 kV Vacuum Breakers
  • Transformers up to 500 kV:
      • Power
      • Auto Transformers
      • GSU
      • Shunt Reactors
      • Station Service

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