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High Voltage Breakers

CG Power offers a full line of Live Tank High Voltage Breakers up to 800 kV. CG has over 35 years of proven experience having supplied more than 9000 units in 50 different countries. A robust & easy to maintain design and proven technology makes it one of the most reliable high voltage circuit breakers in the world.

The DTB72-40

One of our HV Breaker options, The DTB72-40, is a dead tank SF breaker.  It consists of 3 separate pole units mounted on a steel support structure, driven by a gang-operated spring-closing, spring mechanism.  Each pole unit has a cast tank, which in turn contains the interrupters.  Tanks are designed and manufactured to the ASME pressure vessel code.  They are supported by high-grade epoxy castings from each end of the tank.  The interrupters are designed using the self-blast principle, in which thermal energy from the arc is utilized to increase pressure for the current interruption.  There is also an auxiliary puffer that generates sufficient pressure to interrupt lower-level currents.  The Spring Operating mechanism belongs to CGs well-proven and time-tested AIS circuit Breakers for more than four decades.
Standard Features
      • 69 kV class only (At this time)
      • Dead tank SF6 insulated design
      • Cast aluminum interrupter housings
      • Minimum 2 Bushing CT’s per bushing
      • Gang (three-phase) operation with a spring-type mechanism
      • Standard porcelain bushing insulators
      • High altitude ratings
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