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Power Transformers

CG is one of the leading manufacturers of Power Transformers since 1937. CG has supplied over 600,000 power transformer units in more than 135 countries. CG is one of the few suppliers of 800 kV units in the world – over two hundred 800kV units are in service so far.  You'll find no better source for reliable, durable, and long-lasting Transformers than CG, provided by QEI.
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Our Offerings
AutotransformersUp to 1500 MVAUp to 800 kVANSI,IEC,IS,BS,NEMA
Generator Step-Up TransformersUp to 1000 MVAUp to 800 kVANSI,IEC,IS,BS,NEMA
Small Power TransformersUp to 25 MVAUp to 145 kVANSI,IEC,IS,BS,NEMA
Medium Power TransformersUp to 60 MVAUp to 245 kVANSI,IEC,IS,BS,NEMA
Large Power TransformersUp to 600 MVAUp to 1200 kVANSI,IEC,IS,BS,NEMA
Regulating Power TransformersUp to 20 MVAUp to 66 kVIEC, Other
Shunt ReactorsUp to 990 MVAUp to 765 kVANSI, IEC, IS
Coupling TransformersUp to 171 MVAUp to 400 kVIEC, IS
Brochure on CG Shunt Reactors

QTM - Transformer Monitoring by QEI

QTM provides a real-time, continuous picture of your substation power transformer's condition.  It can use your existing sensors to monitor various parameters of your transformer, providing you information locally, to your control center via SCADA, or to your mobile device.
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