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Instrument Transformers

CG’s range of Instrument Transformers includes Current Transformers (CT), Inductive Voltage Transformers (VT), and Capacitive Voltage Transformers (CVT).  Thousands of EHV Instrument Transformers have been put into service in various environments in over 60 countries since 1984 and are still operating successfully.
CG has the distinction of developing 1200 kV Capacitor Voltage Transformers (CVT) that have been type tested and in service since 2012.
Our EHV instrument transformer design uses Oil Impregnated Paper (OIP) as the main insulation system. The oil medium is a Napthene-based mineral-insulating oil (free from inhibitors). This oil is highly stable against oxidation as well as chemical and electrical aging. The capacitor technology used in CVT’s is all paper or paper plus film (mixed dielectric) and synthetic oil.
We also offer Medium Voltage Dry Type Instrument Transformers, since 1995. More than 60,000 units of Dry Type Polycrete® Outdoor Instrument Transformers are in operation globally.

Our Offerings

DescriptionRated VoltageStandards
Current Transformers- HV72.5 to 800 kVIEC, IS
Inductive Voltage Transformers- HV36 to 420 kVIEC, IS
Capacitive Voltage Transformers- HV72.5 to1200 kVIEC, IS
Medium Voltage Current and Voltage TransformersCTs & VTs
Condenser BushingOIP Bushings

QTM - Transformer Monitoring by QEI

QTM provides a real-time, continuous picture of your substation power transformer's condition.  It can use your existing sensors to monitor various parameters of your transformer, providing you information locally, to your control center via SCADA, or to your mobile device.
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