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QEI is a leading SCADA system and substation automation equipment supplier with a long history of innovation and technical leadership in electric network monitoring and control applications. Founded in 1960 as Quindar Electronics Incorporated, the company was an early adopter of solid state technology for industrial applications with the introduction of the first transistorized voice frequency (audio tone) telemetry products for electric network monitoring and SCADA controls. Quindar rapidly became the leading supplier of network monitoring devices for the electric utility and transit industries. With the advent of integrated circuits later in the decade, the company introduced a full function SCADA system, the Quindett III, which was widely deployed in electric utility applications and became one of the first applications of a modern SCADA system in public transit at SEPTA. The Quindett system included a full function SCADA RTU utilizing high noise immunity integrated circuits. This first generation RTU also utilized a reliable control subsystem with Select Before Operate (SBO) logic to assure correct point selection and current sensing to detect multiple relay operations.

As the company entered its second decade of operation in 1970, new technical developments presented significant opportunities with the maturing of the minicomputer technology and the advent of microprocessors. The company immediately took steps to capitalize on these developments and established a software and firmware research and development group to bring applications of the new technologies to its main stream business and its customers. These research and development activities resulted in the introduction of the first fully computerized SCADA system in 1974. The system included a minicomputer based master station with a standard, user configurable software package (SUPERCOMPILER II) and a microprocessor based intelligent RTU (Quindett V). This was also the first application of intelligent RTUs as a protocol emulator where the RTU is installed in a foreign system and did not communicate with its native protocol. In this particular case the Quindett V’s were installed in a General Electric SCADA system utilizing the GETAC protocol.

QEI has continually maintained cutting-edge technology in its products. TDMS-PLUS features an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) and inter-operability with external programs such as GIS, trouble-call systems and engineering analysis. A recent cutting-edge advancement, open database access (ODA) provides data and control connectivity through a broad spectrum of off-the-shelf (COTS) applications. TDMS-PLUS features easy to use tools for connection with established corporate LANs and WANs. TDMS-PLUS is serious technology combining database, connectivity, and graphical user interface capabilities while featuring field-proven system redundancy, serviceability, reliability, maintainability, expandability and a long life span of service.

Over the past five decades QEI has been in the forefront of every technical development in SCADA and substation equipment and feeder devices. QEI’s history encompasses the evolution of modern SCADA and substation automation systems. QEI was able to accomplish these achievements by maintaining close contacts with customers and actively participating in a wide range of industry associations which are listed below. The significant investment of being a contributing member of these industry organizations enables QEI to be one of the first vendors to bring industry approved, and, in many instances enabling technologies, to its customers.

With 56 continuous years of primary business in the SCADA and automation market, including public transit and electric utility applications, QEI is the oldest and most experienced independent supplier of such systems in the world.

In particular, QEI has a thorough knowledge of network monitor utility systems. QEI’s proven technical innovations and active participation in industry associations enables it to offer advance technologies and field proven products.

QEI is supervisory control. As one of the largest independent firms providing SCADA to the utility and communications industry, QEI is large enough to retain the best personnel, yet small enough for our personnel to have a keen interest in our customers’ satisfaction. We will continue to innovate with excellence while responding to the needs of the market. You can build your SCADA control system with confidence using QEI.

QEI is committed to providing the highest level of quality in our products and systems as evidenced by our ISO-9001:2008 certification. This certification is continually maintained through semi-annual independent audits as well as regular self conducted internal audits. QEI's commitment to quality provides our customers with the assurance that consistent high quality systems and products will be delivered. Besides QEI’s extensive field experience, its products offer extensive field proven performance. The TDMS PLUS SCADA platform offered for this application is an evolutionary fifth generation product that incorporates four decades of the company’s applications experience in transit and electric utility environment.

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