In 2017, QEI released its first ever Windows based SCADA system, QSCADA.  You can choose the package to best fit your application. From a simple HMI, to a full featured SCADA system, QSCADA provides the functionality you need with easy configuration tools to simplify your implementation. From device-level visualization, to full system overviews, QSCADA provides you immediate access to your device and system information. Based in Windows, QSCADA provides SCADA functionality in an easy-to-use package. Client-Server or a PC-based solution allows for an economic yet robust system, allowing QSCADA to monitor and control your system with immediate alarm and event notification.

The MicroPAQ-940P became the latest in the QEI’s line of Distribution Automation Products intended to be used in harsh environments. With standard protocols available, the  MicroPAQ has a wide range of applications in the electric, water, wastewater and gas industries.  It is configured through provided ConfigWiz® Windows Software. Streamlined  navigation, drag-and-drop functionality, IED Libraries and on board tutorials provide the easiest configuration tools for quick and easy configuration.

One more accomplishment of the year is QVision – Standalone HMI that will work with QEI and other third party products. It provides an easy-to-use local graphical interface to visualize your substation data, note alarms, and see the status of your substation equipment, available as a touchscreen display.