SCADA Software

QEI's SCADA Software consists of two main easy-to-use, yet feature-rich packages.


QEI’s WorldView provides a pixel resolution display environment on Windows Workstations and Laptops connected to the central QEI secure SCADA servers over the Internet or the utility’s corporate network.
WorldView presents the entire SCADA system in one large scale World Map seen through a View Window which can pan in any direction and zoom in and out to smaller and larger areas of the complete World Map.  Convenient tools quickly navigate the operator around the World Map, while relevant system features automatically appear and disappear from the screen.


PlusEditors provides one uniform set of editors in a familiar Windows Explorer presentation to create and edit QEI’s SCADA database directly from a PC running on the SCADA network.
PlusEditors incorporates all of the graphical and user interface capabilities inherent in Microsoft Windows, and also supports import and export from a database of SCADA system points and associated parameters maintained in Excel spreadsheets.
Additional QEI SCADA Software modules are available.
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