PlusEditors © provides one uniform set of editors in a familiar Windows Explorer presentation to create and edit QEI’s QSCADA database directly from a PC running on the SCADA network.
PlusEditors © incorporates all of the graphical and user interface capabilities inherent in Microsoft Windows, and also supports import and export from a database of SCADA system points and associated parameters maintained in Excel spread sheets.
PlusEditors © eases the complex task of creating a QSCADA database:
• Secure Login/logout Access Control
• Point-and-click User Interface with pull-down Toolbars and easy Navigation Tools
• Excel interface Imports and Exports data to and from common PC applications
• Auto-Import the substation IED point database from QEI remote stations
• Interactive editors request data and present it in a meaningful format
• Modeling tools quickly duplicate and modify existing items in the database.
• Automatic error checking prompts for missing information, locates duplicate addresses, prevents deletion of active points, and a restore key undoes changes.
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