6QBI & Upgrading RTUs

The 6QBI Interface Module is an enhancement to upgrade QEI's 6CPP2, 6CPP4, and 6CPP6 based RTU's to use the latest QEI ePAQ technology while maintaining existing equipment investment.
The 6QBI can communicate with your existing boards and serve as an affordable upgrade solution to your aging legacy RTUs.

Upgrade Versus Replacement

• Low-risk, low-cost Upgrade Path
for Existing RTUs
• Preserves RTU I/O Wiring & Terminations
• Ease of Installation,
Minimizes RTU Downtime
• Expandable Communication Ports
• Share Data with other Utilities via Multiple Communication Ports


• Input Power: +12VDC nominal at 200mA
• Size:  11.75" W x 4.26" H x 2.0" D
• Panel Mount (swage-on standoffs)
• Supports:
Sixteen (16) 6SIP1 Panels
Eight (8) 6AIP1 Panels
Sixteen (16) 6COP1 Panels
One (1) 6IOP1
• Communications:  Two Isolated RS-422
ports (supports Redundant RTUs), or
one Serial Fiber port.
• Environments:  -40C to +85C, SWC to
ANSI C37.90.1