QVISION is QEI's HMI module and is part of the QSCADA software suite.  QVISION provides an easy-to-use local graphical interface to visualize your substation data, receive alarms, and see the status of your substation equipment.


• Increase knowledge of events and outages
• Decrease customer response time
• Improve service restoration efforts
• Decrease customer outage time
• Easily maintain records of events
• Device-level to substation-level

QVISION Features

• Windows based User Interface
• Database Editors
• Alarm Processing
• Historical Data Collection & Display
• Protocols - DNP, Modbus
• Optional Modules:
-Open Data Access
-Web Reports
-Event Data Recording

Configuration Software

QVISION uses the same configuration software as QEI's QSCADA and TDMS platforms - WorldView and PlusEditors.
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