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QVision is QEI's HMI module that is part of the QSCADA software suite.  QVision provides an easy to use local graphical interface to visualize your substation data, receive alarms, and see status of your substation equipment.

QVision Helps You

• Increase knowledge of events and outages
• Decrease customer response time
• Improve service restoration efforts
• Decrease customer outage time
• Easily maintain records of events
• Device-level to substation-level

QVision Features

• WorldView User Interface
• Dataview Editors
• Alarm Processing
• Historical Data Collection & Display
• Protocols - DNP, Modbus
• Optional Modules:
Open Data Access
Web Reports
Event Data Recording

Configuration Software

QVision uses the same configuration software as QEI's QSCADA and TDMS platforms - WorldView and PlusEditors.