Switch Controllers

The DSC-9060 and DSC-9070 are two types of Cooper DAS Switch controllers built by QEI of Springfield, New Jersey for your Smart Grid application. These models offer an economic, versatile, and plug-compatible approach to controlling Cooper DAS Line Switches. Based on our reliable and field-proven 6ACP5 and 6DIO distributed processor boards, the DAS switch controller is capable of either local control or remote control via your established SCADA or Distribution.


The DSC-9060 version is also capable of automatic sectionalizing control through its integral internal algorithm. Upgrade options available for these units include those for Ethernet Communications, legacy or open communication protocols, and additional custom user-programmable logic.
The DSC-9060, 3-Phase current sensing and closed-loop control for automatic sectionalizing in addition to the status and control I/O. 3-Phase current measurements and switch position can be transmitted to the SCADA master station or control center. Sectionalizing automation settings and operating parameters can be remotely set and adjusted from the control center.
When used as an Automatic Sectionalizer, the DSC-9060 can
be configured to operate based upon the:
• Number of breaker operations only, or
• Detection of fault current and number of breaker
Use the DSC-9060 when your installation requires the Automatic Sectionalizing function, AC current measurements, or any other type of analog input measurements. Use the DSC-9070 when your installation requires only local and/or remote control of the Cooper DAS Switches
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