Training Overview

With personnel changes in your organization, the need to bring new people up to speed quickly can be a major training task. Refresher training courses are also in strong demand because of ongoing software and hardware upgrades. It would be good to have some dedicated training, but large blocks of training time may be difficult to work into your schedule. Therefore, QEI can provide the training you need in the format that best meets your requirements.
There are several training options to choose from. Below is a general list of training options but remember that QEI can either provide standard training agendas or customize the method, length and content of any training course.
All training can be set up as either our standard format or customized to meet the customer’s requirements. These sessions can be on existing subjects (QSCADA, TDMS, WorldView, PlusEditors, ConfigWiz, or system management) with ad hoc questions and answers. All training is conducted by our seasoned and professional QEI instructors.
One cost cutting method which a few customers have used is combining training with neighboring utilities that have similar requirements. This not only solidifies cooperation with a neighboring utilities but provides an avenue to discuss similar concerns plus saves money!

As always, Consultant training is always free!

Webinar Training

Using the latest web-based training tools, QEI can provide needed training for new personnel (or can refresh the training of your existing staff) in manageable increments which will not take a large bite out of your training budget.

Factory Training

Factory training is conducted at the QEI facility in Springfield, NJ. This facility is state of the art and the classroom training will be conducted in one of our conference rooms. The advantage of factory training is the ability to have hands-on training of various equipment that you may have onsite but do not have readily available access to. Also, touring the QEI facility to observe the process of manufacturing will provide insights into our renowned product quality.

Onsite Training

Onsite training typically requires use of either QEI supplied test or site-specific equipment. Utilizing the equipment in the field for training makes this training most favorable because the participants will be working with their own equipment. There is classroom training included which goes into greater details on the hardware, software and configuration components.

ShopTalk Online Workshops

A special advantage we offer to our customers is our monthly ShopTalk Online Workshops.  These workshops are provided to enhance your knowledge of QEI systems, software, and products so that you can use them more effectively and efficiently.  The topics covered are pre-determined and the sessions are held online in a group setting rather than the one-on-one training offered in our classroom or web training courses.