Leesburg Adds Quad-redundancy and Automated Backup to QEI SCADA System

With disaster recovery and backup solutions at the forefront of concerns for electric utilities, Leesburg Municipal Electric Department investigated various options to harden and secure their electric system SCADA operations.

Leesburg approached QEI to assist them with investigating multiple off-site servers and various backup schemes to implement a secure yet economic solution.

“We have reviewed all the scenarios and have decided to implement a quad-redundant system . . . Thank you to you and your team for getting us the information that we needed”, says Chris of the City of Leesburg.

Leesburg moved its two existing servers to two different remote locations. Two new servers were installed at their operations center. All servers were configured for quad-redundancy.

In addition, QEI’s backup solution allows Leesburg to automatically back up their existing servers in remote locations in a manner where they do not have to send personnel to those remote locations to initiate a backup. Tony at the City of Leesburg emphasized that although they could automate the servers at their operations center, they chose to manually back these up so that their personnel stay in practice of performing this important task.

The Leesburg Electric Department is one of Central Florida’s most innovative utilities providing affordable and dependable power to more than 23,000 customers.