Owen Electric Cooperative Implements QEI’s ePAQ-9400 Gateway for Generator Integration with SCADA

Owen Electric installed a 2 MW Caterpillar distributive generator for Bromley Station. The generator will employ a PLC to gather values from the ISO/CAT Switchgear.

Owen Electric selected the QEI ePAQ-9400 gateway to interface the PLC, a SEL-751A relay, and a SEL-700G relay with their SCADA system. The ePaq-9400 will also gather a small number of I/O from a fire alarm panel.

Use of the ePAQ-9400 allows coordination and delivery of generator operating parameters, switchgear voltages, currents, and other parameters, and fire alarm data to their QEI SCADA system. Owen personnel noted that once they started receiving just some of this data, they wanted more and more data to monitor and analyze the system. This was easily accommodated through the ePaq-9400.

Due to the demanding generator installation schedule, Owen Electric requested QEI on-site assistance with the ePAQ-9400 installation and integration into their system. QEI’s Senior Technician configured the ePAQ-9400 at the QEI factory, hand-delivered and installed the unit on-site, and integrated the generator data with the Owen SCADA system.

Owen Electric Cooperative is headquartered in Owenton, Kentucky with offices in Florence, Dry Ridge, and Butler, and serves over 59,000 members.