DC Trace Digital Waveform Capture

Field DC Analog Trending Capture Analysis and Display

The DCT-9600 is a Digital Fault Recorder (DFR) for DC busses and feeders in traction power substations. This unit is designed to stream real-time analog values and transmit captured fault data to QEI’s DC Trace workstation display and analysis software.

QEI’s DC Trace software can provide real time viewing of up to twelve simultaneous analog traces in a user-friendly Windows® environment at any designated operator console on your enterprise network. This real-time data is streamed directly from the DCT-9600 to the DC Trace software module and subsequently to all active consoles.

Fault records may also optionally be saved to a USB drive for expanded storage capacity. In addition to real-time values, the DCT-9600 will capture fault values at the remote site, and store them for subsequent reporting to the DC Trace workstation. The stored fault records are uploaded from the DCT-9600 directly to the DC Trace software for detailed viewing along with the fault profile waveform. DC Trace software also provides tools for further fault waveform analysis.

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