MicroPAQ AC Primary Network Monitoring

Analog Input Expansion for MicroPAQ-940P and ePAQ-9410/20/25

The MicroPAQ-940AC Analog Input Module is an I/O Expansion Module that is part of the QEI family of Distribution Automation Products.

It is a microprocessor-based electrical assembly, providing analog measurement capability to the MicroPAQ-940P and ePAQ-9410/20/25 products.

The seven analog points are arranged as two groups of three points on TB1, and four points on TB2.  For AC applications, the AC analog inputs connect directly to external sensors, CT’s and PT’s, without the need for transducers, making the inputs transducer-less.

A bank of 8 dip switches on each module allows for addressing of up to 256 modules, for a total capacity of up to 2048 analog points (256 x 8). LED indicators are included for unit diagnostics, and RS-422 communications.

Power input to the MicroPAQ-940AC is via pins on the RS-422 RJ45 jacks. Power is provided by the MicroPAQ-940P or ePAQ-9410/20/25 backbone port, or via a separate power supply.

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