STN-9180 High Density RTU

Legacy RTU installations often have high status, analog and control point counts to support a variety of hardwired points, control relays and transducer banks. While modern Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) provide this input for newer installations, it is just not cost effective to upgrade all points immediately.

The STN-9180 high density RTU provides a means of easing the transition to IED connectivity, while preserving you considerable investment in existing wiring and transducers. The STN-9180, with high density I/O, consists of a 6CPP6 central processor panel in a large NEMA 4 enclosure, with one or more high density card cages to contain the status, analog and control boards.

ConfigWiz provides a drag & drop, Windows® user interface which prompts the technician through the steps required to define an RTU:

  • configuration of all communication ports
  • selection of IED communication clients
  • selection of Master Station communication servers
  • mapping of the data points between the RTU’s IED client database and Master Station server database

When the configuration process is complete, the resultant RTU configuration file is PC archived for long term storage, and then compiled and downloaded into the STN-9180 for execution.

There are three models of card frames: the 6HD1, 6HD2, and 6HD3 with six, twelve and eighteen total status and analog card slots per frame. (respectively). All three versions have four slots dedicated to control cards. In all versions, status and analog field terminations are to externally mounted 6STB and 6ATB cards (respectively). Control terminations are made to the reverse of the frame itself.

If more I/O is required, additional card cages may be daisy-chained together thereby providing the capacity to handle the needed hardwired I/O points.

In addition to this high hardwired I/O capacity, the STN-9180 also has both RS-232 and RS485 connections for both master station and IED communication capability. The number of serial communications ports number may be expanded up to 9. An add-on daughterboard will supply TCP/IP connectivity through two ethernet ports for either communications or configuration. A large library of current and legacy protocols is available for communications with master stations and IEDs.

The data points for I/O boards and IEDs are mapped for communications to the master station or to other ports using our Windows® based ConfigWiz® software. Any value retrieved from an IED or hardwired input may be mapped to one or more communications ports regardless of protocol, communications medium, baud rate or polling method. The STN-9180 is very useful for matching legacy communication channels and protocols to your current enterprise network.

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