QEI Partners with Power System Integrity, Inc.

Cost Effective Solution for Monitoring Secondary Network Cables

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Power System Integrity, Inc. (PSI) to develop a customized industry solution DNMesh, that integrates PSI’s established product CEMesh with our latest offering, MicroPAQ-940P. Our dedicated QEI engineers have put in extensive efforts with PSI to create a powerful solution that meets the unique needs of this application and provides an easy-to-implement DNP3 or Modbus input to SCADA. We are thrilled about this collaboration and looking forward to more future solutions.

CEMesh is PSI’s distributed current/ voltage/ phase angle sensing system, used to monitor the performance of high current conductors in a low vol. secondary network. PSI leveraged QEI’s DNP3 expertise to assemble a tested distributed sensing system. QEI MicroPAQ-940P was selected as a field-proven platform because of its reliability and robustness. PSI and QEI partnered to combine these two applications to bring a new solution, DNMesh.

To enhance the solution, QEI has developed an interface that can accept the digital data stream of pre-processed data and make it available to end users via DNP3 over TCP/IP. DNP3 communication enables DNMesh to be easily integrated into the utilities SCADA system. This solution seamlessly integrates with the PSI apparatus, enabling End Users to access the data with ease and efficiency.

DNMesh Addresses the need to provide visibility into operating conditions of the utility’s largest unmonitored asset, cables and with DNP3 these cables can be easily integrated with the SCADA system.