QEI Undergoes Rebranding Displaying Commitment to Innovation and Growth

In July 2023, QEI announced HC Private Investments (“HCPI”), a Chicago-based family office private equity firm, acquired QEI, Inc. (“QEI”) in partnership with the former owner and CEO, Normand Lavoie. To solidify the partnership and embrace the future while reflecting on our commitment to innovation, QEI proudly announces its comprehensive rebranding initiative. The rebranding allowed us to examine important aspects of the business and refocus on the evolving needs of our customers.

The rebranding includes a refreshed visual identity, new mission and vision statements, company values and a new website. Our updates show our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and our expanded solutions to meet the changing landscape of our industry.

Key highlights of our rebranding include:

  • Modernized Visual Identity: An updated logo and visual elements to represent a modern and forward-thinking approach, reflecting our pledge to innovation, adaptability, and progress.
  • New Mission and Vision Statements and Company Values: Our new mission and vision statements articulate our dedication to develop sustainable energy and automation solutions and services beyond what you think is possible. And our new company values ensure we create lasting relationships with our clients, partners, and employees by embracing Confidence, Partnership, Anticipating Tomorrow, Courage, and Adaptability.
  • Enhanced Online Presence: Our redesigned website will provide visitors with a thoughtful and user-friendly experience. Navigating through our solutions, products and services will be more intuitive, allowing users to engage seamlessly with QEI.  The website features our complete solutions per industry and offers easy product access for engineers.

Erik VanLaningham, Chairman of the Board expressed enthusiasm about the rebranding, stating, “This rebranding visually affirms QEI is moving ahead with a renewed vision & mission to meet the evolving digital transformation, sustainability challenges within the industry. QEI is looking forward to stepping-up and solving our customer’s toughest challenges across the broader automation solutions landscape”.

Also, Normand Lavoie, CEO & President referring to the rebranding stated, “As we accelerate our value creation plans and ever-expanding portfolio, it is a critical time for QEI employees, stakeholders and partners across the world to celebrate this milestone and embrace the joint opportunity we have together to continue delivering solutions to our customers”.