QEI’s QSCADA System Yields Remarkable Cost Savings and Operational Efficiency for Easley Combined Utilities

QEI has successfully implemented its cutting-edge QSCADA software as a replacement to existing SCADA software for Easley Combined Utility. The QEI SCADA system was initially intended to provide SCADA functionality for the ECU Electric system. However, during the engineering and design phase of the project, ECU saw the benefits of implementing QEI SCADA system on their water and wastewater system. Combining the electric, water, and wastewater system on one system, QEI provided savings on initial implementation as well as savings in maintaining a system from one vendor instead of multiple vendors.

ECU owns six electrical substations, delivers power at a voltage of 12.47 KV, and serves 17,000 customers. ECU has a combination of ground-level storage and elevated water storage totaling 15.5 million gallons. ECU serves its 13,300 customers with 234 miles of water line. ECU owns and operates 3 wastewater treatment plants with 26 pump stations.

ECU Chose QEI Not only because of its User-friendly Windows-based Interface but also because of QEI’s strong interpersonal relationship with customers as well as its responsive and highly skilled customer service and support. “It was a pleasure working with the QEI Engineer during the Onsight installations, He was very professional and worked through the few hiccups that we encountered to get the system up and running.” Said Alfred Stanley, Controls & Communications Engineer at Easley Combined Utilities.

QEI Software Display for Easley Water System QEI Software Display for Easley Electric System