Wilson Energy Employs QEI MicroPAQ to Monitor & Control Peaking Generators for Load Management and Peak Shaving

Wilson Energy installed generators for use in their Peak Shaving program. Peak Shaving is initiated via their QEI SCADA system. Wilson employed the QEI MicroPAQ to communicate with their generators to monitor and control from SCADA.

Wilson Energy employs a number of Caterpillar, Cummins and Volvo Generators. Wilson needed a communication module to obtain the data from the EZGen generator controller, obtain the status of the generator circuit breaker, a control to start/stop the generator (from SCADA), to monitor the battery voltage, Wilson. There are 2-4 additional status points and 2-3 additional analog points that need to be monitored at some locations. The data from the generator controller, the breaker closure, the battery data, and the start/stop control is communicated to the Wilson QEI SCADA System using the MicroPAQ communication module.

Wilson has experienced success with the MicroPAQ due its simplicity to implement and its ease to configure.

Wilson Energy is one of North Carolina’s most progressive utilities providing affordable and dependable power to more than 37,000 customers.