These Features are provided with every QEI SCADA system.  Each feature has is own unique uses and benefits as noted in each section.  They are the bases of QEI's SCADA system, providing its robustness, reliability, availability, and security.


QEI's SCADA Software provides data acquisition, point control, alarm processing, tagging, zoning, event logging, and reporting for your utility's operation.
Uses and Benefits: Enhanced SCADA Visualization, Improved Event Response & Restoration


The QEI SCADA system is the most secure and robust SCADA system on the market today, providing mission critical availability for monitoring and controlling electric, water, and gas distribution systems.
Uses and Benefits: Availability, Reliability, and Security


QEI SCADA systems are designed for longevity, providing the lowest-cost system available on the market today. Our servers are proven to last 10, 15, even 20 years, while maintaining the latest technology available.
Uses and Benefits: Reliability, Low Cost, Less Fuss


QEI SCADA Systems supports redundancy up to quad-redundancy. Redundant servers can be set up at disparate locations providing for disaster tolerance.
Uses and Benefits: Enhanced Availability, Disaster Tolerance


Standby system constantly senses the status of the primary system. If the primary fails, the standby automatically takes over complete control of the system without operator intervention.
Uses and Benefits: Enhanced Availability and Reliability

WorldView Interface

WorldView is QEI's display interface that is simple-to-use, yet can be flexible enough to create displays that mimic your actual field configurations. An IED Template library allows for quick build of devices that you have in your system.
Uses and Benefits: Easy-to-Use, IED Template Library, Copy/Paste, Feature-Rich

PlusEditors Database

Easy-to-use database editors utilizing an organized menu tree, form driven, copy/paste, and mass editing features.
Uses and Benefits: Easy-to-Use, Fast Configuration


QEI SCADA Systems provides reporting of events, status, values, and operations. Easy to use mechanisms are employed to provide information via emails, graphs, spreadsheets, and other common office software modules.
Uses and Benefits: Event and Date Sharing, Visual Data & Trend Provisions
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