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SCADA Solutions

QEI provides the most secure and reliable SCADA systems on the market today. Cyber-security has come to the forefront of the minds of electric, water, wastewater, oil, and gas utilities throughout the world.
While other vendors require complex IT security infrastructure to secure SCADA, QEI customers are confident in the QEI solution that is immune to cyber-security concerns without the aid of costly infrastructure.

 QEI SCADA will allow you to . . .

Choose your platform

For decades, QEI has been offering its TDMS-SCADA on the most secure, robust, and reliable platform available . . . OpenVMS.
With today's ever-changing technological environment, we are challenged with the many options that are offered due to technologic evolution.  In that regard, QEI offers an alternative platform to give you the choice that you want . . . QSCADA.
QEI is pleased to support both platforms for our customers.  So, the choice is yours . . .

And there's more . . .

Substation SCADA . . .

SCADA Solutions for Your Utility

QEI's SCADA system does more than monitor and control your electric, water/wastewater, or gas system. Our customers use the system to enhance the operation, efficiencies, and reduce costs of their processes.

Electric Systems

• Load Management
• Demand Response
• Voltage Reduction (CVR)
• Volt-VAR Optimization
• AMI Integration

Water / Wastewater

• Flow Control
• Level Monitoring
• Pump Control
• Chemical Monitoring
• Usage Measurement

Gas Systems

• Pressure Monitoring
• Flow Control
• Usage Measurement
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