The MicroPAQ is the latest in QEI’s ePAQ Family of Gateways.
The MicroPAQ is used in a wide variety of applications for the electric, water, wastewater, and gas industries.


• Eight (8) Status Inputs
• Four (4) Analog Inputs
• Two (2)Control Outputs
Two (2) momentary relays or one (1) latching relay per control point
• RS-232/485, RS 485, 10/100 Base T
• IED support for up to three (3) IED’s
• DNP, Modbus, Quics Protocols


• Generator Monitoring
• Transformer Monitoring
• Water Pressure and Tank Level Monitoring
• Gas Pressure Monitoring
 . . . Additional Applications
Configuration with ConfigWiz 2.0 - eZMode software

Featuring:      The SolarPAQ