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Now in its fifth generation of Distribution and Substation Automation products, QEI’s 6ACP6 and ePAQ-9XXX Series leads the market on the newest technology, user-friendliness, configuration flexibility at the most competitive pricing. Over the past six decades QEI has been at the forefront of every technological development in SCADA, substation equipment and feeder devices. QEI’s history encompasses the evolution of modern SCADA and substation automation systems. QEI was able to accomplish these achievements by maintaining close contacts with customers and actively participating in a wide range of industry associations which are listed below. The significant investment of being a contributing member of these industry organizations enables QEI to be one of the first vendors to bring industry approved, and, in many instances enabling technologies, to its customers.

Browser HMI and QWeb

In 2021, we introduced Browser HMI that works specifically with QEI’s ePAQ-94XX and MicroPAQ-940P. Browser HMI allows user to monitor analog points, status points and accumulator points, set points and control points. Prior to placing a device into operation, Browser HMI can be used as a post-installation checkout tool.

Another browser HMI development in the same year is QWeb. It works with QSCADA and allows user to see worldview displays, maps, graphs, and alarms.  QWeb can be accessed with any device and any operating system that contains an HTML5 compliant web browser.

New SCADA Features, New Address

In 2018, QEI launched a package of available upgrades to our SCADA system offerings.  The ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System) platform, which includes the integrated systems QDMS (Distribution Management System), QOMS (Outage Management System), QGIS (Geographic Information System) and QRTPS (Real-Time Power Simulator). These can be individually “bolted-on” to an existing or new SCADA system or integrated together.  These systems allow for unprecedented ways of visualizing and controlling your network.

QEI also moved our headquarters, but not too far.  We remained in Springfield, NJ, moving just down the road from 60 Fadem Rd to our new address at 45 Fadem Rd.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

In 2018, QEI became ISO 9001:2015 Certified. ISO 9001:2015 follows new high-level structure (HLS) guidelines and puts more focus on input and output. Risk-based thinking is at the core of ISO 9001:2015. By updating our certification, QEI stays current in our pursuit of producing nothing but the highest quality products and services. We remain dedicated to constantly evaluating our internal processes to ensure we maintain our high standards.



In 2017, QEI released its first ever Windows based SCADA system, QSCADA.  You can choose the package to best fit your application. From a simple HMI, to a full featured SCADA system, QSCADA provides the functionality you need with easy configuration tools to simplify your implementation. From device-level visualization, to full system overviews, QSCADA provides you immediate access to your device and system information. Based in Windows, QSCADA provides SCADA functionality in an easy-to-use package. Client-Server or a PC-based solution allows for an economic yet robust system, allowing QSCADA to monitor and control your system with immediate alarm and event notification.

The MicroPAQ-940P became the latest in the QEI’s line of Distribution Automation Products intended to be used in harsh environments. With standard protocols available, the  MicroPAQ has a wide range of applications in the electric, water, wastewater and gas industries.  It is configured through provided ConfigWiz® Windows Software. Streamlined  navigation, drag-and-drop functionality, IED Libraries and on board tutorials provide the easiest configuration tools for quick and easy configuration.

One more accomplishment of the year is QVision – Standalone HMI that will work with QEI and other third party products. It provides an easy-to-use local graphical interface to visualize your substation data, note alarms, and see the status of your substation equipment, available as a touchscreen display.

The ePAQ-9410/20/25 and I/O

In 2015, we introduced the ePAQ-9410/20/25 and the I/O. These products became the second generation of data concentrators in the substation with advanced libraries of protocols, I/O expansion capabilities, & more.

The ePAQ-9410/9420 can integrate the complete catalog of IEDs using our library of legacy or open, industry standard protocols, be they serial or LAN based. In addition to data concentration, the unit can perform custom computations needed for filtering, translating, pre-processing or reduction. With ConfigWiz®, raw or processed IED data can be distributed to any remote enterprise via SCADA, maintenance or engineering activities through serial or WAN based channels. If needed, such transfers can be encrypted and authenticated for greater security.

TDMS-Plus is Launched

QEI releases TDMS-PLUS, Master Station using HP Integrity and Open VMS. TDMS-Plus features an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) and interoperability with external programs such as GIS, trouble-call systems and engineering analysis. A recent cutting-edge advancement, open database connectivity (ODA) provides data and control connectivity through a broad spectrum of off-the-shelf applications. TDMS-PLUS features easy to use tools for connection with established corporate LANs and WANs. TDMS-PLUS is an advanced technology combining database, connectivity, and graphical user interface capabilities while featuring field-proven system redundancy, serviceability, reliability, maintainability, expandability and a long-life span of service.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

In 1999, QEI became ISO 9001:2008 Certified. ISO 9001:2008 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide products that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements and also aims to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. This certification is another way we demonstrate to our customers the level of quality we demand of ourselves.

6CPP6 and 6ACP5

As substation and feeder automation emerged at electric utilities, QEI responded with both system and substation level applications. Peak demand reduction and automatic VAR control were two key applications that provided significant short-term payback to utility customers. In response to market needs, QEI introduced a family of fourth generation RTU products, the 6CPP6 substation processor and 6ACP5 feeder automation device. These single board devices emulated the high-density architecture of modern motherboards and provided further noise reduction as well as increased processing capacity.

Advancements in The 80’s

In the 1980’s, QEI introduced new master station software products that resided initially on Digital Equipment Corporation’s PDP11 line of minicomputer platforms and by the middle of the decade, they were ported to the VAX family of platforms. System availability and reliability are of paramount importance in both transit and utility applications. QEI made reliability a prime design requirement in both hardware and software development and that was the main reason for moving to the VAX computer platform and the VMS operating system for all master station applications. The initial QUICS minicomputer product has moved from 16 bit to 32 bit and today’s TDMS-PLUS product features the fastest 64 bit machines currently available in the market.